New fixie conversion from Dot finished ! Here are the processes taken along the way. The final product looks like an MTB bike, those fixed gear bikes that most heavy trickster riders would ride, due to its wider tyres. The Fixed Gear Rim was custom-made by him. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, well it does represent Dot nicely, don’t you agree? ; p

The old bike was an Imported Mountain Bike. I don’t know the original brand but there is SCOTT sticker,so I guess it’s the brand. Rims is Shimano Double Wall Rims (Both)  and all the Group set is Shimano as well.

Afer everything is taken off to be sprayed new color.

D I Y sprayed  body and rims y’all.

The body is sprayed with turquoise and black.

The both rims was colored with Fluorescent Green and Pink (Strike for the Night) haha..

The Front Rim is originally Shimano Rim. The Rear Sport Rim is unknown brand but for 21speed rims (imported from Kelantan) and self modified + converted to single speed fixed gear rim.

Kenda Kwest Wide tires were installed due to out of stock and easy to handle. And also cheap in price. Next time will be upgrade to slimmer and thinner.  :)

Final bike was finally installed on 31st May 2010 at 8.00pm. It was installed by him self and a guy at Kedai Basikal Sri Rampai.

He still use the 3-speed Crank Set due to be install an MTB Group Set for future. 3-Speed Crank Set with Single Speed Chain Ring and Fixed Gear Rims will be added soon if the “rezeki” is there.

The old Front Fork is still being used,it’s the Strong Light Weight Front Fork so it is better to use is rather than change a new one,huhu..

The original handle has been modified to small handle. For future there will be the Glow in the Dark Grip Set.

Siap decals lg tuh! X-Factory is a workshop somewhere around Selayang that he used to spray his rear rims and body, other parts were sprayed at his own house. Thanks to Mr. Saruman, owner of the workshop.

To Dot, we salute you and dot say thanks for those who help him for the whole time..

Thanks a lot to

Shawal | Noraini | Wanie | Izzadi | Saruman | Deedy | Hairi | Mark | Sam | Wawan | Adhrah | Yana | Soya

For more images of the progress can view at


11 responses to “DottieFixie™

  1. Wohohoho… thanks sam cuz upload this! tayar besar senang nak jage,hahaha!

  2. no prob bro! pe lagi test ride la macha! ; p

  3. haaaa nh sapa Dot sorang lg membe ko yg ko tak thanks nh? haha, jgn risau, nh mungkin kerana abg dot kita dah lupa ingatan sikit, al maklumlah tua kn ; ) mesti x sengaja tue

  4. DOT! tebaik fixie ko hahah..stylooo sial serious..shit xsabar nk ride!

  5. thanks gak kat kawan die!! sape2 la,xnak kecik ati kan~ gagagagaga~

  6. aku dah ride kat parking lot,cam ok jew nak brake tayar blakang! btw,ape org panggil yek kalo cam tu?

  7. mark : fork depan ko nak tukar yek? ko nyer tu nak jual kew? aku tanya kedai fixie kat shah alam diorg nyer stock smpi lagi 2 bulan dowh!

  8. aku senyum je tengok bike ni..
    aku gelak tengok discussion ni..

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