14 Bike Co is a custom made bike company in London. Located in the ever bustling Spitialfields market, this is the Mecca of riders in London. They couldn’t have chosen a better spot.

Entering this store (yup its a bike store as well) is like entering a candy shop. Row upon rows of colourful coated bikes hanging on the walls and delectable bike parts in the glass casing in the middle of the store. It’s a rider’s wet dream come true. Known for their quality built bikes and also for the amount of customization being allowed by their clients, it ain’t cheap, but you do get what you pay for. Below are snippets from their Autumn 2009 bike catalogue. Or as some would say, bike porn.

The workshop…look at all those parts…

Superted being one of the Builders, here working on a new ESB trick frame

Quality components everytime…

i present to you, the ladies…

this one is fiiiinne ; p

The detail and finishing that goes into every bike is astounding

Wheelies on an ESB frame

Your customise bike sheet

Should you want to know more about 14 Bike Co, please visit their site, on the link on our Blogroll to the left of ya ; ) enjoi_riding


4 responses to “14 BIKE CO

  1. I wish i there is malaysian custom made bike shop..
    sam,buka jom? haha.. kalo ade aku dah design aku nyer beskal da~ ngaa!

  2. btw this is dot! haha~

  3. weh tu dlm article ko ad yg ckp ko x thank dia ; p haha

  4. sape? aku pown xtau.. hahah~

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