This is ancient news as far as Internet news is concerned, but i’d thought i’d just post it up anyway coz well, it’s a Vans bike, and built by Superted from Fixed Gear London (FGLDN). Need i say more?

The requirements of this bike were:

1. Make it comfortable to ride

2. Make it fillet braizsed (for strength) and

3. You have to be able to bar spin with a 700c wheel.

The fork was kindly donated from Charge bikes, who sponsor Ted for his riding. This bike is a one-off production and was featured at Vans Carnaby Street store in London. Xpe Dot, nnti kita buat collabo bike Quixofixed ok? haha ; p

Click on any of the pics below to enlarge it.

Gotta love the checkered pattern on the bike, a Vans classic

Banner poster1

Click to view LARGE, u gotta see it large ; p

Banner poster2


3 responses to “FGLDN x VANS

  1. drooling. lawa sehh.

  2. ok sam…xdek hal! tp lawa plak beskal die.. jealous2! aku nak kena repair skit beskal ney..

  3. OMG! lawa gla…sheeett niceee

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