burn Baby, BURN

Next in the line of ancient news, is a bike that gets sunburns. Yes you read right. Instead of tanning or turn red like most of us, this baby turns VIOLET upon contact with UV rays, or in the sun. Under shade the bike’s original colour is white. The paint is UV sensitive so go figure.

this is from the guys behind the bike:

” Together with the color supplier PROCOLOR based in Switzerland we developed a paint which is changing the color from white (in the shade) to violet (in the sun). The hight tech front is painted in this so called photo-chromatic color and fading out into normal white color. So as soon as you run this bike from the shadow to the sunshine it starts to glow in a bright violet. The bike setup was supported by FIXED GEAR SWITZERLAND and OPINION bike shop. ”

SWITZERLAND, trust the swiss to make something so simple and beautiful at the same time. I’ll leave you with more bike porn to drool over.

On the other hand, you might want to stop drooling guys, like i mean now ; p

More videos of the bike in action at Fixed Gear Switzerland here.


4 responses to “burn Baby, BURN

  1. daymnn! i still cant stop droolin’..

  2. I want this for my iMac. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

  3. dra> u mean thatu want ur imac is painted in UV paint? ; p

  4. sure can dra!

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