2010 Sustainable Design Competition

I found this over at Trackosaurus last night, and since we do design, it’d be interesting to see this. It’s a bike “car” park, sort-off. It’s a complex of bike parks stacked up interconnected to each floors using bike ramps. I love the way how it uses the empty lot on the side of a building successfully instead of just trying to lay some tar and put up a parking lot. Urban development design at its finest.

Personally all cities should have one of these, but some design consideration may be needed for malaysia, It’d be interesting if we could somehow figure out a way of making biking in congested Malaysian cities work though ; )

You can read the whole proposal of the presentation by clicking on the image to view MUCH larger.


5 responses to “2010 Sustainable Design Competition

  1. wow! nice idea eh?i really like the concept…since Philly is filled with riders..why not haha

  2. we should have this! but if we do, it’ll be filled with motorcycle for sure.

  3. Mark > yeah memang kenala dgn Philly ; p

    Wafiq> btol gak kn, mesti penuh motor siot haha

  4. lalala~~

  5. buleh letak motor,keta and beskal.. tengah2 tu ade velodrome design! ahahaha,buleh fixie nnt,haha!

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