Monsoon Penguins

This artwork was done by Adhrah, as i’ve been nagging her to post one up ; ) It’s of the studio’s band, affectionately named, Monsoon Penguins. Love it. Fits very nicely with the blog’s theme too. She wants it as their cover album, has that Blur feel to it don’t you think?  ; p

Niceeeeeeee y Mikeeey! (bak kata Dot)


3 responses to “Monsoon Penguins

  1. I had like a dream of this. To do cover art for them lol. It’s way too bad these people actually aspire to become architects ;p

    Thanks for the post :)

  2. Dra >Hey Pink Flloyd were architects ; ) So u’l never know haha

  3. not only riding but singing and jamming! hahaha..
    nice one adra,looks like our studio mates not only can design! hahaha..niceeeey mikeeeeyy!! :) dot.

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