Tokyo Fixed Gear

Besides the name being in Tokyo, the shop’s actually in London, haha, and i just knew it recently ; ( Here’s their poster, awesome. Checkout their site as they stock quite a well range of stuff AND they ship worldwide.

Check them out here : Tokyo Fixed Gear


5 responses to “Tokyo Fixed Gear

  1. ko memanjang update jew sam! xdek keja kew? aku tensen tol.. aku lak xdek mase nak update pape kat blog.. tp kan,aku ade la buat doodle time bosan2 keja..for QuixoFixed! haha..

  2. tp kan! aku dah tau cam ner nak brake belakang.. haha! tp badan kena kedepan..ngaa~

  3. ha btol la tu, jadi la skidstop hang haha, ak target nk no handed skids ngan over bar skids ; p

    agak xde keje la, jumpa je bende best post haha

  4. weh tokyo fixed damn creative la…. all their new poster damn nice!.

  5. skid stop yek name die? ok,learn something new.. tp memang aku kena betolkan balik crankset aku or beli baru la! huhu~ duit2..

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