Spoke Cards (Kad jari-jemari)

Basically  these cards are those cards that you stick between tire spokes. You know, like we did as snotty kids in primary school. Sounds kinda cool when you say it as spoke cards though, haha. The DIY guide to pimping up your ride, fo’ cheap :

1. Find a cool graphic to print out, or even better, make your own.

2. Print your stuff.

3. Go to the nearest stationary shop and get the friendly uncle to laminate your printed out graphics. Should only cost at most  Rm 3, depending on size.

4. Once that’s done, Stick ’em on your spokes!

Here’s some graphics from other fixie sites:

Found this one over at Deaf pigeon, by I Love Dust, love the ape look.

These two above are from Deaf Pigeon, awesome site with clean graphics. More downloadable cards here too. Check them out here

Or get our own Quixofixed graphics to adorn your tire sets ; )


One response to “Spoke Cards (Kad jari-jemari)

  1. ok i get it, this is a sign for me to post more graphics right? JUST KIDDING. but since it was your golden day (BIRTHDAY!) yesterday. ill post something just for you Sam soon okay? :D

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