Right here, right now

That’s rite people, stickers have hit the SHORES! A whole bunch of new propaganda, i was thinking of a renegade, guerilla style of grafitti, just randomly posting them up everywhere. Letting people question the very nature of the message. Plenty of them to go around guys. PLENTY.

Here’s just a few examples on where to stick ’em up. Go crazy with them. Like literally.

Post it on ur lappy

on your deck

On the latest issue of Junk!

On your brother’s Guitar Hero

And pretty much anything else that has a flat surface ; p


8 responses to “Right here, right now

  1. nice work mate! lepas ni satu setudio penuh dgn sticker. niceeeee!

  2. gle la!!
    cun2 sam
    all this real or ??

  3. NICE! again this is fking epic! haha

  4. Will distribute later nnti naik sem, spam allover Uitm!

  5. nakk..!!

  6. waa..
    pasni sme brng ad logo quixifixed!!

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