QuixoFixed x MayhemTroopers x WangsaMajuCrews | Putrajaya,Malaysia.

[VIMEO 17049684]

before our beautiful semester break. rain, wet, cold. a great combination to sleep. as that seems to be what everyone else is doing, we go the other way around! we grabbed our bike and hit the storm! and surprisingly, almost 20 guys showed up. started as what one of the guys called silent ride, it suddenly became fast as hell! slipped through the building, skidding down the wet hill, sure was fun. but problems do find their way to mess things up as tires flattened, chains slipped, and what not, but the ride ended safe and sound. but we sure were drenched in the rainwater! special thanks to Mayhem Troopers and Wangsa Maju Crew for showing up. looking forward for another ride.
QuixoFixed x Mayhem Troopers x Wangsa Maju Crew.


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