Headgear by Yeah Right!

Yeah Right! Cycling caps now in! Proudly hand made in Malaysia. All the quality of the foreign caps but at a fraction of the price. And hey, support your local bike community ; )

Redhuan Ramli wears the “Blitz” model reversible cycling cap. In white with plaid bill @ full brown reversed.


4 responses to “Headgear by Yeah Right!

  1. s y a m i l s h a w a l

    the blitz!

  2. Hi I am interested in a a cap. how do I get one?

    • Hi!
      We currently sell our caps in Malaysia, so if your in the country, great! We make one off caps, so we’ll post up the caps with different designs on our site, quixofixed.wordpress.com, for you to choose from.

      We’ll be sure to contact you once the photos are online, which will be real soon ; )

      Thanks again,


  3. Hey am in town until Saturday. Do you have any designs i can look at?

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