A special announcement

With this post, Wafeeq’s Subrosa is officially sold.

We’ll miss that bike, here are some last memories of the bike,

And also with this post i would like to wish Kautsar (holding the bike above) , a Happy Belated Birthday ; ) It’s never too late to celebrate your birthday, and as long as there’s good friends to celebrate with, good times will always accompany, no matter where you are. Here’s to our birthday girl!

P.S  Happy Birthday dear! some good presents are coming your way!

Everyone else Enjoy the much needed break after work!

-Shamin Sahrum


2 responses to “A special announcement

  1. pehh, sebak siot.

    nway, happy birthday kautsar! ;)

  2. huureeeyyy…4 both of you.
    n hepy birthday to you t0o kautsar..

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