Potential Of Hydrogen

Yes i know i know, this has been ages, but one of our friend, Khairul Izudin, bought a Potential of Hydrogen Bike while we were down under in Sydney. How we got it on the plane is another story, but this brand is a fairly new brand and they’ve came up with some awesome new videos as well.

I have yet to seen a Potential of Hydrogen bike here in Malaysia, and my lad here might as well be the second bike in malaysia, after our lecturer (who happened to get one as well). Visit their site here > 

Potential of Hydrogen is a local Australian brand, so we’ll be sure to hear from them more in the future.

The shop.

The bike is of the same geometry, but the one Khairul bought was Copper in colour. Kind of like Geekhouse no?

Ariff testing out its weight for public commuting accreditation. O’raite Govner?

Khairul (2nd from left), with the rest of the guys that tagged along. You cheeky bugger you.


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  1. berkarat!!

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