Sesi Seni Kosong Satu

So being this blog as a pseudo-architectural blog, and me not having anything better to do, i started a series called Sesi Seni. So what’s sesi seni you ask? It being a video showcasing nothing but having something at the same time.

Most of the time we get bombarded with videos, either from youtube, vimeo, where ever, video is the new photography nowadays. But how many of us actually respond, to the the videos we saw earlier be it emotionally or physically? So Sesi Seni was done with that in mind of creating something that moves people or just makes you contemplate, even for a moment, about life.

The first in the series Kosong Satu (01) is by a puisi declamation by our sasterawan negara A Samad Said, entitled Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip. In summary it’s about two people in a restaurant/bar exchanging notes.

Music is by the Space Gambus Experimental. Video clips were from some leftover footages and also from our studio’s short movie, done sometime earlier on in the year. Thanks to all the cast and crew that helped out ; )


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