Life and Times of an archi studio

Alot of people ask us for ride sessions together, and though at times it seems like riding off would be the perfect choice. But most of the time we get bogged down by work. Declining an offer to ride by our friends would be the hardest thing to do. There’s a horrible feeling to it. Not because we hate them, but because we decline offers for rides politely so often. This is true for other activities with outside friends as well. Believe me nothing would make us happier than leaving the four walls of the studio. But its a price we have to face with for being an architect student.

Nah theres nothing glamour about it. Just alot of sacrifices and tortures along the way. Countless of all night sessions. Gruelling week long workload. Living like a nocturnal creature. Getting told countless times by your lecturer that your design sucks. Eventually life passes by you in a blink.

But all is not loss. There’s two sides to every story. And when you eventually accept who you are. When you come into reason with what you actually do, then you’ll find every small moment that brings  you joy in those times of hardship is worth more than its weight in gold. those early morning mamak session with your mates, those times when you see the sun coming up for the first time to break the blackness of the night, those are golden moments that we cherish.

The studio during crunch time, or most of the time. We even have our lectures here believe it or not. Part bike workshop, entertainment centre, home.

Quixoman, our official mascot. He lives in our ceiling. Probably bored and has decided to come down. Owh we use to have rabbits, squids and jellyfish as our residents as well. Keeping them alive was quite a tough thing for us.

Ah, our sleeping capsules. Theres a number of these facilities scattered throughout the studio. (welcome to the hotel california in the b

Pinning up time during a review. Stress=Going mental

Wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and wearing it backwards. Yep, definitely an archi student…

Messing about after crit sessions. Crit sessions are where you post up your work before the lecturer rips it up in half, no really.. ; p JK, its where you get criticised for your work.

The workspace

(Some) of the guy residents of the studio

(some) of the girl residents looking sassy in this pic. Dinner. No wonder lah

So there you go, a summary of our life.

Stay gold people ; )


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  1. thumbs up brotha.

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