The Mundane and the Mad. Quixotic Studio

The inner workings of Quixotic studio,an architectural based studio in UiTM Shah Alam, whats goes on through our daily life, the mundane and the mad. We pride ourselves in doing the things out of the ordinary. Hey, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy right? Enjoy the video guys ; )


12 responses to “The Mundane and the Mad. Quixotic Studio

  1. nice vid. bila pulak nak kuar vid ride lg eh?
    p.s: weh, word ‘the life and times’ tu pakai font ape ye?

  2. haha,nantikan kemunculan

  3. ko nk buat ke dot?

  4. I love this. I am just entering my first year of architecture school at University of Michigan in the US, and seeing that you guys still have fun and make time to ride is inspiring. Everyone is always telling me that I will have no life once studio starts, but I can see from this that it’s just a different sort of life.

    • Haha that’s what everyone keeps telling you right? I experienced studio archi life in the UK as well as in Malaysia, and no matter where you go, i realised that its up to you on how to know when to work and when to just chill out and loosen up a bit. And it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as theres good friends around, good times will sure follow. So all the best and welcome into architecture Olivia!!! From all of us at Quixotic studios ; )

      Hope to share our studio experiences together, we’d love to know what goes on within the four walls of your studio too. Take care and have fun!


  5. Welcome to Architecture, Olivia.:D

  6. quixotic di mata dunia???

  7. Thanks! I can’t wait! I’m probably going to start a blog of sorts about my studio experiences as well, so I’ll post the link once I do. It will definitely have some bike stuff too! : )

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