Quixofixed new stickers

I think its been a while since the quixofixed sticker has been updated. Heck you might say its been a while since its been printed!. Holidays are getting over soon and I thought why not get the think tank running before it gets rusty. This is why i decided to design a sticker few stickers.

Well! not a few just one design right now, but ill experiment with more later on. That being said, ill keep this updated for potential new stickers. So if u guys hate it/love it let me know and please ur honest opinion :).

You know what! lets make this interesting. Lets make a “design quixofixed sticker competition” the best design would be selected as a the new sticker and he/she gets the first batch for free! sponsored by me :/. If u guys are interested please post ur design at our Facebook page and voting will be done there also. Happy designing and looking forward to ur designs :). Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all my friends and drive safe balik kampung!

UPDATE: I think to make it more interesting, the winning logo/design also would be made into a t shirt as well. The submission would be on the “5th” and further extension of the date would depends on the amount of  submissions



2 responses to “Quixofixed new stickers

  1. wahh,buat competition plak… menang dapat t’shirt tharek-tharek limited edition.hahaha~

  2. come on dot! design gak haha, if ada logo best boleh buat tshirt haha

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