Sorry for the long wait in not updating post guys. We (the studio) had just finished organising an event, an what an event it was!

ARCHIKITE 2011 just finished AND what an AMAZING weekend it was! This vid is a trip down memory lane as we bring you the sand and sea back just for you guys!

The weekend started off with us coming down to the orphanage of Rumah Kebajikan Rukaiyah for OPKIM ( Operasi Khidmat Masyarakat), where we’d help with the tidying up of their place and anything that need fixing. In the end seeing the kids smile and making them happy are the only things that would wipe away all the hard work and make it seem negligible.

And came THAREK THAREK itself. AWESOME weather, awesome campsite, rad events, and the turn out was more than we expected. Couldn’t complain ; )

A big shout out to you guys for supporting us and making this event happen!

From Quixotic Studio.

Filmers: Dot, Wawan, Sam
Song : Elevator Love Letter, Stars


One response to “THAREK THAREK!

  1. beautiful ^^ may Allah bless all your efforts at the orphanage and give us the chance to do the same awesome work here

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