We’re featured in FIXED MAG 09!

Now then, how should i say this. We’re just super stoked out that one of the guys got to be featured in FIXED MAG 09, now its not an interview or anything like that, but to open the (pdf) version at 2 A.M in the morning, bogged down with work, and upon seeing Mark doing a mean pogo. Man, that made many of us gleaming like kids for the days to come. I followed Fixed Mag from day one of getting the free mag from my studying days in London, and have all the while drooled over the photos mag after mag. Never dreamt of this happening.

Just to be featured on the Frames section along with other riders all over the world, just super stoked out on that. Damn, thank you to the guys at Fixed Mag for choosing the photo, enuf said ;’ ) Now then, time to get the (physical) magazine. Paypal anyone? A BIG thanks to Dra for Downloading Fixed 09!!!!

From all of the crew at Quixofixed,

Sincerely, Sam

The cover of number 09

and… flip the page and whaaaaaa?!!!! thats the architecture faculty in the background ; )

Here’s the photo submitted to them, this feels like a dream, pinch me.



One response to “We’re featured in FIXED MAG 09!

  1. congrats!!!

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