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Mior’s M Arch work on the cover of Blueprint mag y’all

Above is the work of me mate, Mior Harris. Ex Uitm Student, Graduated from the Bartlett whilst doing his M Arch programme there. And needless to say, he got a Dean’s list award for his mind blowing work. Proud of you mate. We briefly had the chance of knowing each other while i went out of Bartlett, and him going in. Ahh memories.. ; )




with love, from amsterdam

Here are the stickers and all the free bike porn waiting for u guys at home, including the minidrome fixed mag edition hohohoho, from Azrul me mate!

fixed, and what 2

fixed and who? well for you guys not in the know, fixed and what? is an online collective magazine about fixed gear and its culture/lifestyle. And now they’re in their 2nd issue!  Read it now for free!

Below are some snippets from the well documented and well designed web-gazine. Well worth checking out here! 


As you might have noticed, Fixed Mag is now NOT free. So hoping for anyone who comes down into Europe or anywhere and manages to get hold of this thing GRAB it, its only 3 euros anyway.

This issue is on Seabase conquering the Alps among others. Find his video if you wanna see how hard he pushes! HYPE

The Mundane and the Mad. Quixotic Studio

The inner workings of Quixotic studio,an architectural based studio in UiTM Shah Alam, whats goes on through our daily life, the mundane and the mad. We pride ourselves in doing the things out of the ordinary. Hey, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy right? Enjoy the video guys ; )

Sesi Seni Kosong Satu

So being this blog as a pseudo-architectural blog, and me not having anything better to do, i started a series called Sesi Seni. So what’s sesi seni you ask? It being a video showcasing nothing but having something at the same time.

Most of the time we get bombarded with videos, either from youtube, vimeo, where ever, video is the new photography nowadays. But how many of us actually respond, to the the videos we saw earlier be it emotionally or physically? So Sesi Seni was done with that in mind of creating something that moves people or just makes you contemplate, even for a moment, about life.

The first in the series Kosong Satu (01) is by a puisi declamation by our sasterawan negara A Samad Said, entitled Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip. In summary it’s about two people in a restaurant/bar exchanging notes.

Music is by the Space Gambus Experimental. Video clips were from some leftover footages and also from our studio’s short movie, done sometime earlier on in the year. Thanks to all the cast and crew that helped out ; )

Bike Journey’s

On our quest to find bikes to rent around Melbourne, we stumbled upon this gem of a shop, Meet Avon Custom Bikes. Where the owner, has tremendous amount of passion, just look at his shop. Everything here is sourced, mostly from India, and is lovingly restored and created again by hand. The result, is beautiful. Presented in the photos below.

This is Jigs, great guy. Thanks mate ; )