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Vids are out! ; )

here’s what went down during the KL International FIxed Gear Tournamnet, Cheras Velodrome. Awesome times to be had.

Thanks to all the crew that came to give their support!


Sneak Peek of FGIT 2011

A sneak peek into what goes on during the event in the Cheras Velodrome,

more coming soon…

Azizul on Chas, or the other way around?

two of the biggest name head on a a Goldsprints challenge. And for the first time, i dunno which side to be on. Haha! Azizul Hasni, local world track cyclist or Chas, Mash’s rider? Watch this to know who won.

Video done by Faz, he’s currently in Jakarta on the FIxed Fest event. Good videos and photos are coming out i tell ya ; p

Check his works at

Khairul Izuddin’s pH bike

Here’s some close up details on the pH (potential of hydrogen) bike from owner Khairul Izuddin. Love the Copper colour.

Here’s the link >

now on Pedal Room ; )

Since we are now somewhat free, we uploaded a few bikes on Pedal Room, with the first being Redhuan’s Raleigh rebuilt bike, try it out, just snap a few photos, create an account, then you’re in ; )

Here’s the link

A special announcement

With this post, Wafeeq’s Subrosa is officially sold.

We’ll miss that bike, here are some last memories of the bike,

And also with this post i would like to wish Kautsar (holding the bike above) , a Happy Belated Birthday ; ) It’s never too late to celebrate your birthday, and as long as there’s good friends to celebrate with, good times will always accompany, no matter where you are. Here’s to our birthday girl!

P.S  Happy Birthday dear! some good presents are coming your way!

Everyone else Enjoy the much needed break after work!

-Shamin Sahrum

A Sunday Kind of Love… Quixofixed Central (just another fancy name for our Studio) where we usually hang out and Generally just chill. Here’s for you guys out there, a real quick video, just nice for that quick bike fix we all need eyh?

Owh and with Abg Din’s bike checked out as well, his LEADER 725TR

Thanks again to the Troopers ; )