Quixofixed new stickers

I think its been a while since the quixofixed sticker has been updated. Heck you might say its been a while since its been printed!. Holidays are getting over soon and I thought why not get the think tank running before it gets rusty. This is why i decided to design a sticker few stickers.

Well! not a few just one design right now, but ill experiment with more later on. That being said, ill keep this updated for potential new stickers. So if u guys hate it/love it let me know and please ur honest opinion :).

You know what! lets make this interesting. Lets make a “design quixofixed sticker competition” the best design would be selected as a the new sticker and he/she gets the first batch for free! sponsored by me :/. If u guys are interested please post ur design at our Facebook page and voting will be done there also. Happy designing and looking forward to ur designs :). Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all my friends and drive safe balik kampung!

UPDATE: I think to make it more interesting, the winning logo/design also would be made into a t shirt as well. The submission would be on the “5th” and further extension of the date would depends on the amount of  submissions



Breaking News! Leader Kagero X Pedal Consumption

Got this news from the BruiseLee himself, Faz has a new setup, and it’s a Leader Kagero collabo with Pedal Consumption. And by the looks of the photos on Pedal Room, it looks sumptuous. Damn, Faz is one happy rider ; p

on Pedalroom here!

Issue 6 Fixed Mag

Thought i would share this with you guys. We just got it and if you know who to find you will get some :)

The interview on Oscar Khan!

Interview on legendary steel frame builders, Akio Tanabe!


The Interview with Chas from MASH!

Death or glory section!


To Live and Ride in L.A

Couldn’t have said it any better ; )

Grafa Transit Pro Sneak Peek

Here’s from Shairazi’s site, a sneak peek into the Grafa Transit Pro ; )

GG with his setup testing the frame out

Faz with his setup, testing out at the Cheras Velodrome. Nice bross…

Here there, everywhere

Some pics of me with the rest of me mates from UDRL Berlin ; )

Looking distorted there~ In front of St Pauls Cathedral, London

Doing the robo-tronic ya’ll~ London

Roma, we love. Minus the tourist crowd that is…

ISSUE 8 FIXED MAG, WE HAVE, AND it is beautiful

Issue 8 is beautiful, and we have it, thanks to a dedicated member ; )

Thanks Dra, you rock.

Click on the images to view LARGE!

On Seabase and his prototype carbon fibre ride

On Tyler Johnson

Parts and reviews!