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Vids are out! ; )

here’s what went down during the KL International FIxed Gear Tournamnet, Cheras Velodrome. Awesome times to be had.

Thanks to all the crew that came to give their support!


meet.swap.grafa. the vid

Another long overdue vid, here it is folks, from the guys at Grafa who bought you the Swap Meet event, documented by Quixofixed. Accompanying the pics earlier on.

Videography by Redhuan and Wafeeq, cheers mates!

Grafa Swap-Meet!

Monday, Hari Pekerja, we went down into Grafa, as some of us actually wanted to sell some frames (hoping to) . It was a chilled out atmosphere, with the bulk of the items for sale inside the shop, and some spilling outside. Damn, ALOT of great stuff for sale, but alas, timing isn’t right, and most of us are penniless. But alls cooool. Here’s photos from the day ; )

Claps for Grafa for initiaing the swap-meet event. Should do that more. Im sure most of us have more stuff we could dig out and sell.

Palie in his little corner of preloves

Zul’s Unknown is an absolute monster or should i say a beauty


Stills to accompany the vid, Grafa

Photo Credit goes to Kautsar ; )