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Vids are out! ; )

here’s what went down during the KL International FIxed Gear Tournamnet, Cheras Velodrome. Awesome times to be had.

Thanks to all the crew that came to give their support!


Yeah Right !

After we realised that cycling caps were hard to get in Malaysia, or if available, at crazy prices. We decided that hey, why not make our own caps! Thus Yeah Right! was born. Out of the need for quality gear at affordable prices. Cycling is for everyone, so our caps need to be for everyone as well. Stylish caps coming reall soon guys. Support your local bike community!

Melaka Ride!!!

The guys have a ride tomorrow, 17th December 2010, who ever is free tomorrow, contact the guys at our FB homepage, and we’ll get back to you. Cheers! And safe ride! Picture mates! Pictures!

Stills to accompany the vid, Grafa

Photo Credit goes to Kautsar ; )