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Booth during archifest

Sorry for the long silence guys, we’ve been bogged down with unending work, not to mention organizing events as of late. just before Tharek Tharek, we opened up a stall at this semester’s archifest. like we do every semesters. This time it was small with just a couple of bikes. Trying to promote cycling and just spreading the joy around ; )



Sorry for the long wait in not updating post guys. We (the studio) had just finished organising an event, an what an event it was!

ARCHIKITE 2011 just finished AND what an AMAZING weekend it was! This vid is a trip down memory lane as we bring you the sand and sea back just for you guys!

The weekend started off with us coming down to the orphanage of Rumah Kebajikan Rukaiyah for OPKIM ( Operasi Khidmat Masyarakat), where we’d help with the tidying up of their place and anything that need fixing. In the end seeing the kids smile and making them happy are the only things that would wipe away all the hard work and make it seem negligible.

And came THAREK THAREK itself. AWESOME weather, awesome campsite, rad events, and the turn out was more than we expected. Couldn’t complain ; )

A big shout out to you guys for supporting us and making this event happen!

From Quixotic Studio.

Filmers: Dot, Wawan, Sam
Song : Elevator Love Letter, Stars


It’s that time of the year again, the end of Ramadhan and the month of Syawal welcomes all Muslims who have been fasting. Quixofixed would like to wish everyone a Happy Eidul Fitri, go spend time with loved ones and friends and eat up all the beef rendang, yummy kuih-muih out there! Stay safe fellas!

Here there, everywhere

Some pics of me with the rest of me mates from UDRL Berlin ; )

Looking distorted there~ In front of St Pauls Cathedral, London

Doing the robo-tronic ya’ll~ London

Roma, we love. Minus the tourist crowd that is…

ISSUE 8 FIXED MAG, WE HAVE, AND it is beautiful

Issue 8 is beautiful, and we have it, thanks to a dedicated member ; )

Thanks Dra, you rock.

Click on the images to view LARGE!

On Seabase and his prototype carbon fibre ride

On Tyler Johnson

Parts and reviews!


Archikite is coming up right after sem starts peeps! This is a full res poster so be sure to click on it to view LARGE! 

A whole lot of events lined up for that day. We’ll also be visiting the orphans from Rumah anak anak yatim Darul Izzah to do what we can to help at their school before bringing them to the beach with us the following day. Tharek-Tharek literally means ‘pull-pull’, in line with our day of flying kites on the sunny beaches of Port Dickson.

So be sure to be there! We welcome everyone, and we do mean everyone, archi, non archi, who cares??! If you love the beach, then this is for you ; p




History comes full circle

Life is unexpected. I would never have dreamt that i’d come back to London so early on in my life. And seeing new friends at a former place seems out of this world, kinda like time travelling. But no matter where you go, it’s the people that surrounds you, which makes the place unforgettable ; )

Met up with Dra and Fat in front of urban Outfitters in Spitalfields, that was a crazy coincidence lol. Glad to have stumbled upon them tho, wished the rest of the studio was here too ; ) And damn i closed my eyes again. Owh yeah, that’s Labi to the right of Dra haha.

In front of my former school, Bartlett in Wates House. Like FSPU, this houses town planning, construction management and other courses related to the built environment. The architecture department gets like what, 3 floors i think, lol. The summer exhibition was done in the Slade, faculty of arts. Like a 5 minute walk from Wates House. I guess its because they have a much nicer building. I gotta admit Bartlett was a bit sketchy.

Inside my former studio space. Yeah we sneaked in. So i showed them around on a quick tour of the school. You gotta admire FSPU for having larger studio’s though. No seriously, the studios are packed. There is a saying that the schools output is inversely proportional to the schools condition. And after experiencing different studio spaces from different uni’s, i guess its true.

Coming back again was good, coming back and showing good friends your former school, even better .Sure it was super hard times of trials and tribulations back then. But in the end, it was all worth it ; )