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Sneak Peek of FGIT 2011

A sneak peek into what goes on during the event in the Cheras Velodrome,

more coming soon…


Early breakfast ride shoot

Wawan’s vintage Raleigh


Wafeeq’s Subrosa Letum

His official urban assault vehicle, the Subrosa Letum. He’s thinking of letting the bike go real soon, but in the mean while lets just admire the Letum while he still has it ; )

Yeah Right !

After we realised that cycling caps were hard to get in Malaysia, or if available, at crazy prices. We decided that hey, why not make our own caps! Thus Yeah Right! was born. Out of the need for quality gear at affordable prices. Cycling is for everyone, so our caps need to be for everyone as well. Stylish caps coming reall soon guys. Support your local bike community!

Prolly huh? Yeah,we are in Prolly Is Not Probably.. :)

credit to Shamin Sahrum and QuixoFixed Crew. Keep on rolling guys!!

Cheers John Watson!!

Grafa Opening Party

Last Saturday was our Architectural Science exam but most importantly, it was also the Grafa Opening Party day! Luckily we ushered ourselves over to Grafa straight after finishing the paper which ended 4pm + hoping to be in time to join the celebration. Needless to say, we all had an awesome time and we would like to congratulate our very own Redo Ramli for leaving the party as the winner of the Longest Skidding contest : )

Thank you Grafa & we hope there will be more events to come, cause we will definitely be there again ; )

In Between

In between submissions and exams, there is a life outside the studio for us architecture students. Get a bike, get a life.

Putting a little more focus on some of our riders : )