For now you can contact us through our facebook group at Quixofixed, we will be sure to say Hi! back ; ) Spread the love.

+ If your fixed gear group or just someone who wants some stickers from Quixofixed, be sure to mail us at, send us your address and we’ll give you a sticker pack FREE ; )

You can never have enough stickers.


6 responses to “Contact!

  1. hello from TTDI jaya! nice to know u guys! -din-

  2. Nice to know u guys too!!! Hope to ride soon! -Sam-

  3. Sam, jumaat malam ni: mayhem troopers x quixofixed midnight ride! hahaha..on?

  4. mayhem crew> alrite on! route cmne eh, jumpa kat sek 13 then gerak from there?

  5. …will confirm you the route later, basically s.alam je la kan, kna tanya yg lain2 dulu, we’ll keep in touch.

  6. kasi spam skit sticker kat aku

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